HARDI 1299 Hollow cone nozzles


 10,00 (ex. tax)
 8,00 (ex. tax)

The HARDI Hollow cone nozzles nozzles are superior in fine droplet delivery for optimal coverage of plant protection compounds. The high durability of the ceramic material makes this nozzle extensively used in orchard / mistblower applications at high working pressure or when applying abrasive materials.

– High efficiency nozzles

– Best choice for orchard applications

– Flow rates from 0.21-4.24 (at 3-15 bar)

– Working pressure from 3 to 25 bar

– CERAMIC – superior durability at high working pressure

Useful on droplegs for under leaf spraying where turbulence is required for good coverage. Also used on hand-held sprayers for insecticide and fungicide application and for band spraying.

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