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Elevate your agricultural spraying experience with the Telescopic Lance 20″-40″ for backpack sprayers, designed for optimal precision, flexibility, and reach. This adjustable lance is the perfect accessory for applying crop protection products, fertilizers, and herbicides in a variety of settings, including fields, gardens, and greenhouses, making it an essential addition to your spraying equipment.

With its telescoping feature, the lance can easily be adjusted from 20 to 40 inches in length, allowing you to access hard-to-reach areas and target specific spots with ease. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable and efficient operation, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity during spraying tasks.

Constructed from durable, high-quality materials, the Telescopic Lance 20″-40″ is built to withstand the rigors of daily use in various agricultural environments. Its compatibility with most standard spray nozzles enables you to customize your spraying experience, ensuring precise application and minimal waste.

Invest in the Telescopic Lance 20″-40″ for backpack sprayers and enhance your agricultural spraying capabilities. This adjustable lance is the perfect tool for farmers, landscapers, and horticulturists seeking a reliable and versatile spraying solution that combines precision, flexibility, and reach.

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