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The HARDI MINIDRIFT DUO nozzle is an air-injector nozzle recommended for controlling drift in sub-optimal weather conditions. It is one of the best drift-reducing nozzles on the market, according to a test by the Norwegian Agricultural Advisory Council. This nozzle’s droplet spectrum of coarse to very coarse at low pressure will minimise drift without compromising crop coverage.

This nozzle uses two spray fans – angled 30° forward and backward – to increase the number of droplets reaching the crop compared to conventional air injector nozzles. It is especially suitable for dense foliage and vertical targets.

  • Air inclusion nozzle
  • ISO-compliant colours, flow and dimensions
  • Working pressure: 20 to 80 psi
  • Application rate: 7 to 35 gallons per acre (gpa) at a speed of 10 miles per hour (mph)
  • Precision-moulded SYNTAL thermoplastic
  • SINGLE nozzle fitted with 334083 ISO SNAP-FIT cap (sold separately)
  • Easily removed injector for cleaning of nozzle

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