The patented HARDI QUINTASTREAM nozzle constitutes the fastest way to convert your sprayer into a high-precision liquid fertiliser applicator. Each of these nozzles distributes 5 solid liquid streams in a fan. The flow varies across the fan, with the highest in the middle stream and the lowest in the outer, overlapping streams. The result is perfect coverage with minimal risk of crop scorching. This patented system is unique as it allows for boom movements without influencing distribution.

  • Fertiliser nozzle
  • ISO-compliant colours, flow and dimensions
  • Working pressure: 20 to 70 psi
  • Boom height: 14 to 39 inches
  • Precision-moulded SYNTAL thermoplastic
  • SINGLE nozzle or COLORTIPs with nozzle integrated in SNAP-FIT cap
  • Durable ceramic restrictor for a long life-span
  • HARDI key for easy removal of restrictor when cleaning the nozzle

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